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Facts for Natural Woven Shades

     All Island House shades are carefully created and finished to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the grain and texture. Due to the nature of slats and cords colors are subject to color variations. We cannot guarantee exact match from shade to shade. We will attempt to make such matches as close as possible, and natural variations to make exact matches will be impossible from lot to lot.

window treatmentCOLOR VARIATION
Both paint and stain on natural slats are subject to variation. Reed and wood slats will retain the unique grain and color irregularities inherent from natural woods, water reeds, and grasses.

After a long period of time, exterior and interior discoloration will occur. The colors will become more yellow after exposed to strong sunlight.

All natural woven shades may stretch, however it is only noticeable on inside mount installations.

All Island House shades are custom made and no cancellations are allowed. We will not be responsible for any ordering errors.

A wide array of natural and man-made fibers are used in the making of yarns for Island House shades. Pure, bright colors are achieved by using the finest dyes available. Even so, over a period of time slight fading may occur on the exterior side or the lining, depending on the amount of sunlight the fabric is exposed to. The interior side of the fabric is protected from fading by the slats, but will occur after a long period of time.

You and your family will enjoy durable Island House shades for many years of normal use. To keep Island House shades clean and beautiful, an occasional dusting and vacuuming is all that is required.

Wood is made up of millions of tiny air pockets - a natural and perfect insulator against summer's heat and winter's cold. Considerably more effective than most other window coverings. Island House shades are as lovely as they are practical.

Island House Classics - window treatments for any decor!

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